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wonderful graphics; by sonyaness

wonderfilled graphics
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Welcome to wonderfilled (a graphics community) created in April of 2006. All graphics posted are courtesy of sonyaness. Community is also maintained by sonyaness.
P.S. Old icons journal used to be xbaroque.

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01 Comment specifically when taking an icon. (Icons are numbered. If they aren't, come on it's not hard to count.) Comment with feedback. 02 Credit the community, not my personal journal, in your icon comments (unless otherwise specified)! 03 Upload icons to your own server. Do not hotlink. (Try photobucket) 04 No customizing or modifying graphics at all. Textless icons are not considered bases! 05 No redistribution. Don't claim my work as your own. (Graphics are made for livejournal use only.)

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layout codes: reversescollide.
list of resources.

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comment here to be considered as an affiliate.

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01Some Icon Do-s & Don't-s
02How Do I Credit Icons?
03A Guide To Avoid Hotlinking

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If you were denied membership and/or removed as a member, it is probably because of one of the following: - you are not crediting your icons/graphics/layouts.
- your journal has zero entries.
- your journal has few friends/communities OR you are only members of icon communities.
- you are not crediting properly.
- you have never commented.

Try joining again (if any of the above situations change). I periodically check if people are crediting, so any failure to comply with the rules will result in being banned. Remember, I don't have to tell you why you were banned or rejected. It's my community. So just follow them, please.

Once you are a member, please comment on the entries, regardless of whether you take anything. Feedback is encouraged & appreciated! I don't want a community full of members that don't comment. So, if you don't comment on any entries, you will be removed as a member.

If you feel that you were unjustly banned, don't comment on my personal journal if you have concerns. That's why there is a community email.

P.S. promotion is a wonderfilled thing. (haha, that was so corny, but i couldn't resist!) srsly, though, do it! ♥